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KOM Consultant Alumni, Daniel, is currently studying at the Griffith University Dental School.  

Griffith University has a six year undergraduate dental program offered at the Grifith University Dental School.  Griffith Dental School is located at the Gold Coast campus in Queensland, Australia. The Bachelor of Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine program’s next intake is February 2015.

 There is still time to apply!   Application deadline is September 30th.

Here is what Daniel has to say about Griffith and the Griffith Dental program:


First of all I have to say I had such an amazing semester here at Griffith University. Most of the people might think  the first semester of studies at an International University will be their least favourite and scariest one especially if it is a thousand miles away from home. But I can say with confidence that I found Griffith University to be the most friendly school compared to the ones I have attended before.

Griffith University offers a variety of useful services such as career services, academic advisors, on campus walking clinic (that the student insurance covers the fees), etc. Academic and non-academic Griffith University staff are very approachable and they reply to your emails within a few hours.  For example, I have walked in and had a chat with the Head of the Griffith Dental school a few times.

The Griffith Gold Coast campus is almost brand new and very organized. I love the library with  a year round 24/7 study section with computers.  One of my favourite places on campus is the tennis courts. There is a tennis club and we get together and play tennis three nights per week.  Griffith University Dive Club is pretty active. They have weekly scuba diving plans for $40 on the Coast and once in a while they go to the amazing diving spots in Australia.

Also, here are some few tips that are useful:

  • before coming to Australia to study, apply for a Amazon visa card. This is the only Canadian credit card beside the sears mastercard (but who wants the sears points in Australia lol) that you can use out of the country with no foreign exchange fees, which is normally 2.5-3% per transactions with the other Canadian cards.  The first few weeks I only used this card until I sorted out my bank account and money transfers from home.
  • If you want a driving licence you can transfer your Canadian one and get a Queensland’s drivers licence pretty easily (costs $150). A local driving licence is a good thing to have because some places don’t accept anything other than a QLD licence or passports from international students as a piece of ID.  If  you in Australia for a year it costs less (around $90).
  • Always be careful and watch your laptops or cell phones, etc. Someone stole my bike couple weeks ago. It was locked up in the parking of a high rise but I have no idea how it happened.


KOM Consultants is the Canadian Application Centre for Griffith University and the Griffith Dental School.  Contact us today for more information.

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Australian Medical and Dental Schools will soon be reaching application deadlines for the February 2015 intake.

USyd logo Jan10

University of Sydney offers graduate entry Medical and Dental Schools.  Applications close for these schools on Friday 4 July 2014.

Make sure to have all your documents to our office ASAP so we can review your application package and give you the best advise available to make your application the best it can be.




Sydney Dental  School  – application deadline July 4, 2014

The University of Sydney’s Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) is four years in length and is offered starting in February.  The University of Sydneys graduate entry medical program is categorized as a professional postgraduate coursework degree, at the Master’s degree level because it accepts only graduates and uses postgraduate learning and teaching principles and methods.

Sydney Medical School – application deadline July 4, 2014

Sydney Medical School offers a graduate entry medical program.  Recently introduced as the Doctor of Medicine, this program is four years in length.

Sydney Medical School  graduates play leading roles in health fields around the world and our research investigates diseases which affect millions of lives, including cancer, obesity, chronic disease and ageing, neurosciences and mental health, infectious diseases, and reproductive, maternal and child health.

Apply to University of Sydney

More information on University of Sydney

More information on Australian Dental schools

More information on Australian Medical Schools

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campus tour



KOM Consultants welcomes Australian partner universities to visit your Canadian campus.



Come and meet representatives, including


The KOM Winter Study in Australia Tour 2014 will be taking place in March.

Are you looking for information on undergraduate, postgraduate and professional degrees in Australia?  Then don’t miss this opportunity to speak face to face with KOM staff members and Representatives from KOM’s partner universities.

Get all the information you need to make informed decisions – learn about schools, programs, entry requirements, lifestyle, housing, student loans, scholarships and more.

The KOM Tour will be making stops at various Canadian universities starting Monday 3 March at:

McMaster University

Brock  University

University of Guelph

Western University

Wilfrid Laurier University

University of Waterloo

University of Calgary

University of Alberta

Simon Fraser University

University of British Columbia

*Details of these events will be announced on our Facebook, so remember to “LIKE” us to learn when and where we’ll be.  Also, check out the KOM EVENTS TAB on our website.

Learn everything you need to know about:

Teachers College in Australia & the UK

Law School in Australia & the UK

Medical Schools in Australia

Dental Schools in Australia

Physiotherapy Schools in Australia & the UK

Pharmacy Programs in Australia

Speech Pathology Programs in Australia

Engineering Programs in Australia & the UK

Graduate Business Programs in Australia & the UK


For more information on the KOM Tour, universities or programs, contact KOM Consultants, your Canadian International Education Consultant.


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It’s that time of year when everyone (including myself) over indulges with sweets.  First Halloween, then we head into Christmas with more treats and then to Valentines Day and then onto Easter.  It is a continual “sweet diet” for the next six months….

Have you thought of becoming a dentist?    With these holidays treats being consumed, dentists stay busy. 

 Have you considered studying Dental School in Australia?  KOM partners with select Dental Schools in Australia that offer undergraduate dentistry programs and graduate-entry dentistry programs.

Here is a great benefit to studying at an Australian Dental School:
The Australian Dental Association and the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada signed a reciprocal agreement that recognises graduates of accredited dental programs in Australia and Canada for certification.  Due to the agreement, graduates of accredited Australian programs will have the same certification processes as graduates of accredited Canadian programs.

Here is an answer for one Ontario Dentist who fights Halloween tooth horrors.  Candy-for-cash project: 


File photo of candy apples.

A dentist in Georgetown, Ont., is fighting off ‘scary’ tooth decay by offering money to trick-or-treaters in exchange for their Halloween candy.

Kids can swap their unopened candy with dentist Corey Grossman, who will trade $1 for every pound of candy received on Nov. 1.  They will also get toothbrushes, dental floss and dental-care packages in exchange for the sweets.

Grossman says there is nothing wrong with indulging in some candy, as long as it’s backed up with proper brushing and flossing.  He says the goal of the candy swap is to promote good oral health in the community and he is looking forward to the response.

“The parents are excited about it. They think it’s a great idea,” Grossman said.

“For the kids the money is a little bit of an inspiration, but they are like ‘do I have to give all my candy?’ They are getting a little bit worried,” he said laughing.

All the candy collected will be given to a local shelter along with a cash donation.

If you are considering becoming a dentist, think of studying at a Dental School in Australia.

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The new Griffith University Warwick Dental Clinic opened its doors to the public  on July 10th  in Warwick, featuring a 6 chair dentistry service.  Warwick is located South West of Brisbane, Queesland, Australia. 

A student-run facility located next door to the Warwick Hospital, patients will be able to receive treatment under the supervision of a fully-qualified dentist.

The clinic will offer the full range of services for the local community, from check-ups and X-rays to root canal work for both adults and children.  Griffith Warwick Dental Clinic

“We are very proud of the new clinic which also provides excellent training placements for Griffith’s fifth year student dentists,” says clinic manager Ms Yvonne Duncombe. “Having clinical training in rural communities shows students the fantastic opportunities outside of the metropolitan areas of Australia, where they can engage with the local people and receive some great dentistry experience.

“Students who experience rural placements may return to the rural setting after graduating if they have a positive experience.”

Developed by Griffith University as part of the rural, remote and indigenous oral health agreement with the Federal Government, the Griffith University Warwick Dental Clinic is expected to be officially opened within the next few weeks.

The latest opening comes as part of a suite of new initiatives under Griffith University’s three year ‘New Griffith 2013-2016’ program, which signifies an intense period of change and innovation.

Next week, the new $150m Griffith Health Centre will officially open its doors to the community on Griffith’s Gold Coast campus. Planned to operate alongside the new Gold Coast University Hospital, the Centre will focus on Chronic Disease Management and Sports Health.


Completion of the Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science provides automatic entry into the two-year Graduate Diploma of Dentistry, during which all of the dental specialities are taught to a level where you will become a caring, competent general dental practitioner. Successful completion of the two programs (5 years) will allow you to apply for registration as a dentist with all of the State Dental Boards in Australia.

Students interested in applying to the Griffith Dental School can still apply for the upcoming February 2014 intake. Application deadline is the end of September 2013.

Contact KOM Consultants for an application and more information on Griffith Dental School and Australian Dental Schools in Australia.



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James Cook University offers a five year undergraduate Dental School program in Australia.  Students can apply directly from high school.  James Cook University is located in Townsville which is northern Queensland, close to the Great Barrier Reef. 

A current JCU dental school student, Ali,  talks about the advantages of studying dentistry in Australia for Canadian students and what it’s like to study at JCU in Cairns.

Application deadlines for the JCU Dental School program is August 31st for the February 2014 intake. Don’t delay and apply now! Contact KOM Consultants for more information and Australian Dental Schools in Australia.



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USyd logo Jan10University of Sydney Medical & Dental School applications are closing next week.

The Application deadline for Sydney Medical School and Sydney Dental School is July 7, 2013.   

If you are interested in applying for the February 2014 intake, NOW is the time to prepare your application package. Applications must arrive in the KOM office no later than Thursday 4 July 2013. This ensures that we can review and process your application package to meet the deadline.

Contact KOM for more details on the application requirements for each program.

The University of Sydney Medical school in Australia offers a graduate entry MBBS which is four years in length.

The University of Sydney Dental school in Australia offers a graduate entry DMD which is four years in length.

For more information on University of Sydney’s medical school program and other Australian Medical Schools in Australia, contact KOM.

For more information on University of Sydney’s dental school program and other Australian Dental Schools in Australia, contact KOM Consultants.


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KOM | Sydney Dental School reaches out to Support Homeless Connect (homeless)

 A team of Bachelor of Oral Health students aided by the Dean and faculty staff of University of Sydney Dental School, provided dental information and assistance to guests of the annual Homeless Connect volunteer event held at the Sydney Town Hall on 4 June. In the first instance they gave important oral hygiene information to the many visitors, and identified people requiring urgent dental treatment. The guests were then taken for triage assessment by faculty alumni who attended with their mobile dental clinic and team. Essential dental treatment was provided on site to 35 homeless people.

 Remarked attending BOH3 student, Alex Ong: “the atmosphere within Sydney Town Hall was infectious and both students and staff, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, got straight to work.

Bombarded with questions ranging from dental pain, oral hygiene and free dental service, our experience and patience was immediately put to the test. The commitment and determination shown by each individual made the day a truly rewarding and memorable experience and made that bit more entertaining with the surprise appearance of NRL celebrity, Wendell Sailor.

We learnt that people in difficult circumstances often have no awareness of the services available to them and attempt to ‘self-treat’ and we found that dispensing even the most basic of oral hygiene advice was greatly appreciated.

For many of the volunteers it wasn’t so much about increasing awareness or educating the masses about the importance of oral health and the services available, but being able to make a significant impact on the guests’ lives by supporting and believing in them. As a collective the students felt they had made a difference to the visitors and given them something to smile about.

The Sydney Homeless Connect event was a profound experience and we felt humbled, rewarded and inspired by our participation and have hopefully learnt not to take the simple things in life for granted.”

In the Dean’s words to our volunteers “This was the first time we have participated and I received excellent feedback from organisers, other volunteers and most importantly the guests of the event. I was very impressed and very proud of the professionalism displayed on the day. You are all great ambassadors for the university”.

For more information on the Sydney Dental School and Australian Dental Schools in Australia, contact KOM Consultants.  The application deadline for the Sydney Dental School is July 7th for the February 2014 intake.




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May was a very busy month with representatives from Australian Medical and Dental schools coming to Canada for interviews. 

These sessions were a great sucess for our KOM clients.  Our students had interviews with:

Even though the interviews have passed, applications for these programs are still open.  Now is the time to apply for the February 2014 intake for medical and dental schools.

It is best to check the Australian Dental School webpage and the Australian Medical school webpage for application deadlines as you don’t want your application to be late!

Contact KOM on specific pre-requisities and application requirements for Australian Medical School applications and Australian Dental School applications. 




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Deans of Adelaide Dental School

Yesterday KOM’s Executive Director, Martin Kelly and Regional Marketing Manager, Matt Price met with the Deans of Adelaide Dental School. 

Seen here is Professor Richard Logan, Assistant Dean (L) and Professor Johann de Vries, Dean (R).



Yesterday’s meeting in Toronto was to build stronger relations with KOM and Adelaide Dental School and to assist Canadian students with learning more about Adelaide Dental School.  Interviews for KOM Canadian dental students applicants took place all this week in Toronto.  As well, Adelaide Dental School hosted a free webinar to discuss the Dentistry program at University of Adelaide

KOM was interested to learn that Prof de Vries was the Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Manitoba for almost 10 years.  While starting his studies in south Africa, he qualified as a dentist in 1974 from the University of Pretoria, South Africa and spending some time in a private general practice, Prof De Vries joined full time academics.  Prof De Vries was Head of Operative Dentistry at The Medical University of Southern Africa for 10 years and Dean for seven and a half years.  He continued his efforts to Canada at Univerity of Manitoba and now in Adelaide, Australia. 

Prof de Vries pointed out his support and efforts in the the reciprocal agreement with the Australian Dental Council and the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada.  This allows accredited graduates of either body to practice dentistry in Australia or Canada. 
Here is more information Prof de Vries accomplishments.
For more information on the Adelaide Dental program, check out the lastest brochure:  Adelaide Dental School_Canada 2013
Contact KOM Consultants for more information on the Adelaide Dental program or Australian Dental Schools in Australia.