What We Do

Helping Students More Than 25 Years

We have designed our Free Service to meet the individual needs of each student wishing to study overseas, with particular attention paid to easing them through somewhat tedious, and at times, stressful international application procedure. We are committed to providing all the necessary information and guidance allowing students’ peace of mind.

How Our Free Service Supports You

Before Applying
  • Experienced knowledgeable staff answering all your questions
  • Save time researching schools, programs, entry criteria
  • Latest updates on entry requirements and application dates
  • Inside information on what universities are looking for
  • How to make your application package competitive
  • Advice on scholarships and student funding
  • Most recent information on professional licensing and accreditation processes in Canada
  • Quick responses to your queries – within 24 hrs
  • Tools to make informed decision to best suit your needs
  • We welcome students, parents, and friends to visit our Hamilton, Ontario office
  • Our support and guidance is Free of Charge – most university application fees are waived when submitted through KOM Consultants
Submitting Your Application
  • Streamlined process through KOM’s customized online application form: apply up to 5 universities/programs through one online form
  • Experienced advisors overseeing your application package so nothing is missed prior to submission
  • Save money on application fees – most university application fees are waived when submitted via KOM
  • Save money on transcripts. KOM only require one official copy of transcripts regardless of how many schools you are applying to
  • Multiple applications managed through KOM – no need to chase up with various schools. We do that for you
  • Authorized UCAS application centre for those applying to the UK
  • Have your application prioritized with KOM – we are an official representative with direct relations to schools ensuring your application(s) move up the priority list
  • Get the relevant application and supplementary application forms for your program. Don’t be caught out completing out dated forms which could jeopardize your chances of acceptance
  • Guidance on supporting documents and what to include making your application(s) stand out
  • No need to mail documents overseas – everything is submitted to KOM’s head office in Ontario
  • Application updates every step of the way
  • We work with overseas admissions team so your application doesn’t stall
  • If assessments are delayed, we follow-up directly with the school
Receiving and Accepting Offer(s)
  • Offer letters directly to your email without delay
  • Assistance with any questions regarding your offer
  • Advice on acceptance procedures and timelines
  • Acceptance documents mailed directly to KOM – no need to mail anything overseas
    • Information and Guidance on:
    • Student Visa process
    • Health Care
    • Work Rights
    • Housing and Accommodation
    • Preferred flight providers
    • Pre-Departure session exclusive to KOM applicants
    • Network list of other Canadians attending your school