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5 Tips when Choosing Your Study Abroad Destination

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So you’re thinking about studying abroad?! You look at a map of the world and think, where to start? What to study?!!! Here’s some tips and things to think about when choosing your study abroad destination. 

First of all,

Get some help!
I’ve been working within the education industry for a few years now, traveled and met many university reps to know that there is soooooo much choice out there. Having a wide variety of choice is great, but it can be overwhelming too.
Educational agents, like us, take the stress out of making that choice. Think of us like your own personal Google. Ask us anything! We have all the answers and plenty of choices for you within the UK and Australia. Take a look at KOM Consultants for yourself.
Choose the right programme for YOU and be excited about it
Research the different programmes that are out there, but decide what it is that you’re passionate and interested in? Ultimately this is what you’re going for, right?!! You have a passion and you want to get the best education and gain the best experience you can so that you strive in your career in the years that follow. You need to be excited about what you’re studying as well, as you will be spending a year or a year and a half away from home (if you’re a university transfer student, more if you’re studying your full degree abroad) and you need that excitement and passion to help get you get through it and remind yourself that is why you’re there.


Read up and find out more about the University
So now you know ALL about the programme you’re applying to but have you taken a look at what the University has to offer in other areas? Volunteering? What about the different sports and social clubs? Can you play ice hockey there? Hmmmm I don’t want to get your hopes up but maybe you could try and start your own club :)  There’s so much more to Uni than just academics, so get involved as much as you can. In Robert Gordon University for example, there are over 35 different societies and they encourage more. So maybe ice hockey is on the cards after all, eh?!!!
“The diverse range of societies means that there is something for everyone, from Dumbledore’s Army to the Fashion Society, and RGU RAG to the Electronic Gaming Society. If we don’t have what you’re interested in, we will be more than happy to offer you help to set a society up!”
Why study in Scotland
Read up on the city you’re going to LIVE in
Wherever you chose to study, there will be an exciting city or town on your doorstep. Read up about the culture, climate, different things to do in the city and make a list of what you will see and do when you get there. This will help you settle in and help you find your way around the city. A bus tour is usually a great place to start. Enjoy being a tourist for a bit, but you’re a student first and foremost and this new city will be your home for a while. Look in to ways of how you can make it your home. FYI, Australia has an ice hockey league?!!! Just saying ;)
sydney bridge
Employment opportunities after you graduate
OK, I know you haven’t actually chosen a programme yet, and you’re probably still only thinking about studying abroad. However, when you do, an important part of choosing your programme and what university to study in, is the employment opportunities after you graduate. A lot of University’s have internships and work placement opportunities available. It’s about finding them and making sure your interest is known.
For example Deakin University has “We will be more than happy to offer you help to set a society up! links with government and industry, internships and work placements are available, ensuring that graduates are job-ready and in demand.” 

 Hope these tips help you when deciding where to study!  Have a great weekend!

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