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Moving to Australia? Here's a lesson in Aussie slang

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Here at KOM Consultants we send a lot of students to Australia each year. It can be a bit of a culture shock, no snow and no Tim Hortons!!!!! And like every other country, Australia has its own slang and way of saying things. When you hear someone say ‘g’day’, ‘how ya going’ or ‘no worries mate’ don’t be alarmed they are just being friendly. Here’s a list of some of our favourite top 10 Aussie slang words or phrases:

G'Day Mate

G’DAYthe universal Australian friendly greeting, as in hello
MATEbuddy, friend
NO WORRIESexpression of forgiveness or reassurance
BEAUT, BEAUTYgreat, fantastic
BLOKEman, guy
CORKERsomething excellent
FAIR DINKUMtrue, genuine
RECKONyou bet. Absolutely!

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