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Adelaide – Australia’a most liveable city

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Adelaide the country’s most liveable city

Australia’s largest cities are some of its least liveable, according to their own residents.

In the Property Council of Australia’s report released on Monday, Adelaide was awarded the best liveability score, with Canberra second and Hobart third.

An Insider’s Guide to Adelaide YouTube video

Darwin scored the worst on overall liveability ranking, with Brisbane coming in 6th, Melbourne 7th, and Perth 9th of 11 cities.

Australia’s largest city, Sydney, was ranked second last.

The report asked participants to rank the relative importance of a range of their city’s attributes, including cleanliness, safety, and good healthcare and public transport, and then asked respondents whether their city exhibited those attributes.

Brisbane respondents thought their city was affordable, had a good climate and was clean and unpolluted, but the city performed poorly on employment and economic opportunities, cultural entertainment scene and look and design.

Melbourne fell three ranking points since 2011, but still scored highly on having a vibrant cultural entertainment scene, an attractive look and design and a diverse range of people who got along well.

Melburnians rated their city poorly on climate, traffic congestion and safety.

Sydneysiders thought their city was too expensive, polluted and congested, but rated it relatively well on employment opportunities, climate and cultural scene.

Canberrans think their city is clean and safe, but has less than desirable weather and with unaffordable housing.

Perth performed well on cleanliness, climate and employment opportunities, but poorly on cultural scene, affordability and affordable housing.

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