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Agent Week at Macquarie University Wrap-up

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G’day from chilly Hamilton.

Yes I’m over my jet lag and I’ve returned to the KOM office in Hamilton, leaving behind the warmth and sunshine of Sydney. It’s nice to come home for a cold, white Christmas. As a Canadian, there’s just something lacking when sitting on a beach watching waves crash in while contemplating gift ideas.

My week at Macquarie University was fantastic. I met a lot of new friends from around the world and the staff at Macquarie did a great job showcasing their school and their city.

All week long they gave out prizes and come Friday I had still not won anything. Most of the prizes were vegemite and Timtams, but the best was left for last. On the final draw I won a 1.5 hour tour around Sydney on a Harley Davidson! Not a bad way to end a great week.

Macquarie University offers a number of scholarships, including 40 full tuition fee scholarships for international students entering most programs. To be eligible, students must apply before the deadline and hold a firm offer from the university. Contact KOM for more details about Macquarie scholarships.

Macquarie University will be coming to Ontario in January. Check back with KOM in the new year for details of events involving Macquarie staff.

From everyone at KOM Consultants, have a safe and happy holiday season.