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Apply for Medicine and Dentistry 2016 OPEN

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Griffith University have confirmed they are now accepting 2016 applications for medicine and dentistry.

Here’s a short summary of the two programs so you can familiarise yourself with them before you apply with KOM Consultants for FREE!

  1. Doctor of Medicine
    • Entry requirements: Please not that MCAT’s scoring system will change from 2016 – no further info available at this time
    • Clinical rotations:
      • Years 1 and 2: mostly attendance on campus. 23 simulated clinical practices, roughly one-third of the subjects
      • Years 3: 6 clinical rotations of 7 weeks each:
        • Medicine
        • Surgery
        • Women’s health
        • Children’s health
        • Mental Health
        • Composite format (aged care, cancer care, etc.)
      • Year 4: 5 clinical rotations of 7 weeks each
        • General Practice medicine
        • Emergency medicine
        • Composite format (Critical care, Anaesthetics, orthopaedics, etc.)
        • 1 selective, 1 elective
      • In years 3 and 4 students complete a Clinical Learning through Extended Immersion in Multi-method Simulations. Basically a week-long ‘simulation’ of their life as doctor (scenarios, on-call, etc.) in year 3 this is with a single patient, in year 4 with multiple.
    • Internship upon completion. Not guaranteed a place in Australia although highly likely one will be found.
    • Fees: $56,240.00 p/a (2015)

Why medicine at Griffith?

  • Young and innovative program.
  • Significant focus on the human dimension required in Medical practice.
  • State of the Art Facilities (brand new!)
  • World leaders in extensive use of simulated activities


  1. Master of Pharmacy
    • Commencing in 2016
    • 240CP program run over a trimester format (2 years duration)
    • 20+ places for Internationals
    • Pre-requisites:
      • Bachelor in Health/Science (in the last 10 years) with GPA of 5.0 on a 7.0 scale
      • 2x Chemistry
      • 1x Microbiology
      • 1x Biochemistry
      • 1x Stats
      • 1x Physiology
      • 1x Pharmacology (there will also be a Pharma subject run over the Summer season before the program starts)
    • 10 week placement (30CP) in the summer term of the 1st year – can be done overseas/back in your home country. some funding available.
    • 48 week paid internship to be done upon completion
    • Registration with the Pharmacy Board of Australia to applied for upon completion
    • Cost: approx. $90,000 (TBC)

KOM Consultants are the application centre for Griffith University. We will do all the work for you. All you have to do is apply online for FREE!!!


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