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Australia Expectations V Reality

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Australia Expectations V Reality


Expectation #1: GPA will remain the same.


Reality: While not everyone will be affected by a GPA drop the majority of study abroad students will see a change. This could be due to various circumstances like language barrier, change of education style, and stress of being in an unfamiliar country.


Solution: Don’t neglect your study! Ask for help whenever you need it. Universities are very approachable and provide students lots of support and resources. At Griffith University there are peer assisted study sessions, academic workshops, International Advisers, and English help all available for free so that students can be successful.


Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 15.51.47

Expectation #2: You’ll get a job right away.


Reality: This can go two ways. I’ve heard about a lot of people struggling to find a part time job for months, but I’ve also heard about other students getting a job within a matter of days. Honestly, this depends on where you live and your qualifications. But just know there are huge price differences from Canada to Australia so have access to efficient monetary funds!


Solution: Be proactive! Bring a resume and start searching before you start university. There are career advisors at university who are also willing to help you edit your resume to fit the resume norm in Australia.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 15.49.42

Expectation #3: All the animals, creatures and insects will eat me in Australia.


Reality: I’ve seen a couple teeny, tiny spiders in my room and that’s it.

Kangaroos are considered pests here but don’t think you will see one on a daily basis. Though there are snakes the likelihood of seeing one is small, unless you’re in the bush (country a.k.a middle of nowhere).


Solution: Spiders are not hiding in every toilet (make sure you check before you sit! Seriously FLUSH THE TOILET before you use it). Take caution at the beach, read all the signs and know the rules. Swim between the flags (area you are allowed to swim in) and always be wary about sharks. Oh, remember that FRIENDS episode where Monica gets bitten by a jellyfish and Joey pees on her to relieve her pain? Well that can happen here too so be careful! And about the snake’s you should probably learn about the various kinds and how to tell them apart!


Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 15.49.20

Expectation #4: It WILL be amazing! And you’ll have fun!


Reality: This one is what you expect it to be! You will have a once in a lifetime experience here. You definitely won’t be the same after studying abroad.


Solution: Meet new people! Pursue new opportunities! And most of all take it one day at a time.



Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 15.47.46

My new friends and completing a one month study program in Hong Kong!


Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 15.47.29

Taken at The Peak, Hong Kong while attending a short study program (Asia Pacific Leadership Program). Yes, I got the opportunity to study abroad to another country while in I’m studying abroad in Australia! Check out my next post all about it!



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