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Australian Dental Schools still accepting applications

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Still considering Australian Dental Schools in Australia for the upcoming February 2014 intake?  There are still some great university options available to Canadian students.

Two Australian Universities are still accepting applications into an undergraduate dental program for February 2014:

Griffith University Dental School, located at the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia offers a five year undergraduate program.  Applications close September 30th.

James Cook University Dental School, located in coastal northern Queensland city of Cairns, offers a five year undergraduate program.  Applications close August 31st.

These programs are at the undergraduate level so DAT/MCATs are not required!  High school and any universities transcripts will be.


In March 2010, the Australian Dental Association and the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada signed a reciprocal agreement that recognises graduates of accredited dental programs in Australia and Canada for certification. Unlike graduates of non-accredited programs, students who graduate from an accredited dental program in Australia after 2010 will not be required to do a two year qualifying program prior to applying for certification. Due to the agreement, graduates of accredited Australian programs will have the same certification processes as graduates of accredited Canadian programs.

Future dentists can access the National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB), as well as the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials at