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Australian Trivia Challenge Answers

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So here are the answers to the Australian Trivia Challenge we posted.  Let’s see how many you got correctly.


Trivia Challenge

What is the population of Australia?    23 million

How long is the flight from Toronto – Sydney (flying time not including layovers)?  19 hours

KOM staff  have taken these long flights a number of times.  Our suggestion is to follow the airlines guidelines.  Get up and walk around – stretch and meet others.  When lights go off on the plane, try to sleep – start to get accustomed to the time zone you are heading to.

Who is the current Prime Minister of Australia?  Tony Abbott

What is the Capital city of Australia?  Canberra

Did you think Sydney?  Just like Canada, you would assume the capital would be Toronto or Vancouver as they are the biggest cities.  Canberra bustles with government offices.

How many States does Australia have?  Seven

Which university is located in Sydney?  Macquarie University

Macquarie University visited KOM early in June.  Macquarie University was built in 1964 and it is in the Sydney suburb of North Ryde.  The school is continually growing with a population of over 35,000.  Popular programs including Business and Linguistics.

Which Australian Physiotherapy School just hosted a webinar with KOM this past week?   Curtin University

Check out the free recorded Curtin webinar on our YouTube page.

Which city is home to Australia’s theme park “Movie World’?  Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has everything.  Amusement parks, beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants and bars and lots of fun things to do.

How far does the Great Barrier Reef stretch?  2300 kilometres

Which one of these is a traditional Australian sandwich spread?  Vegemite

A staple in Australia.  Tried it and don’t need to have it again!



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