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Bond University sets International Exchange Program Western University

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Bond students to benefit from international exchange program with Western University, Ontario, Canada


Bond University students are set to benefit from an international exchange program with Western University, Ontario, Canada over the next decade and beyond, following the generous gift of $3 million from Bond University Board of Trustees member Mr Jack Cowin.The Cowin Scholarship Program will pave the way for a life-changing exchange experience between Bond and Western students and academics, fostering an international network amongst the two institutions.Bond University’s Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Tim Brailsford said the vision and generosity of Jack and Sharon Cowin was outstanding.

“The partnership between Bond and Western will enable students from other sides of the globe to interact, exchange ideas and share knowledge as they study together,” he said.

“Our world is getting smaller and the opportunity afforded by this program will be truly life-changing for those involved. It is only possible through the Cowin’s generosity and their vision for global education.”

Jack and Sharon Cowin both graduated with a BA from Western University in 1964 and throughout the years they have supported various athletics awards, facilities and student projects at the University.  Mr Cowin said his time at Western University taught him valuable lessons and afforded him opportunities that he wanted Bond students to also experience.

“My time as a student and an athlete at Western taught me lessons in leadership, perseverance and commitment to excellence,” he said.  “My coaches and my experience around the world have played a significant role in developing the values and the skills that have taken me through life both personally and professionally.  “Sharon and I are proud to be helping students, athletes and faculty at Western and Bond Universities to gain the same opportunities.”

Professor Brailsford said the institution was excited to be partnering with Western.

“We are aware of Western’s reputation and its values sit comfortably with those of Bond University,” he said.

“Further this partnership strengthens the ties that already exist between Bond and Canada that have been created by the path of many years whereby every semester many Canadian students spend time studying at Bond.”

Professor Brailsford said the generosity shown by the Cowins was indicative of an emerging trend within corporate Australia to embrace philanthropic activities involving higher education.  “We are seeing increasing examples where astute, visionary business people recognise the value in a better educated society and are actively contributing their own funds to further that goal,” he said.  “This is something that has been an accepted way of corporate life internationally for many years and it is pleasing to see such thinking now emerging in this country,” he said.

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