Just the Right Dose at Flinders Medical School

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When two patients are given the exact same dose of medication, their reaction to the drug – including how well it works and what side-effects it has – largely depends on the person.

Now, scientists from Flinders University are teaming up with clinicians from Flinders Medical Centre in an attempt to make a class of cancer drugs more effective by allowing patients to receive the dose that is best for them. …

Flinders University – Master of Speech Pathology

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In honour of National Speech & Hearing Awareness month, KOM wants to highlight Flinders University and the Master of Speech Pathology program.
Flinders University is just one of six Australian universities that offer Australian Speech Pathology programs in Australia.

The Master of Speech Pathology program at Flinders University starts in February and is two years in length. The application deadline for the February 2014 intake is June 30, 2013. …