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Consider studying Medicine Abroad in Australia

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Did you apply to an Ontario Medical School  this year? 


According to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre.

  • In 2013, a record number of 5982 eligible applications applied to Medical Schools in Ontario.  Only 947 spots Medical School spots were available in 2013. 
  •  McMaster University reviewed 4561 applicants for their medical school program.  These applicants were fighting for 1 out of 203 spots.  

Congratulations if you were accepted into a medical program in Ontario.  If you want to consider other options, now is the time to apply to study abroad at medical schools.    


Australian medical schools are now accepting applications for the Februry 2015 intake.

Medical programs in Australia may be offered at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. Students may study Medical School in Australia directly from high school or from university.

Those Canadian students interested in postgraduate entry in Australia must possess a completed undergraduate degree, along with acceptable MCAT scores. Usual MCAT score results would be minimum 24 (8 in each section). In some cases an interview is required before final assessment is made.

Undergraduate Medical Programs are usually six years in length.  KOM undergraduate medical school programs include:

  • University of Adelaide Medical School
  • Flinders University Medical School
  • Griffith University Medical School
  • James Cook University Medical School
  • University of Western Sydney Medical School

Graduate Entry Medical Programs are usually four years in length.  KOM graduate entry medical school programs include:

  • Deakin University Medical School
  • Flinders University Medical School
  • Griffith University Medical School
  • University of Sydney Medical School

Contact KOM Consultants now for more information on applying abroad for Medical schools.  Application deadlines come fast for the February 2015 intake.  So apply now!

KOM Consultants is the Canadian Application Centre for many Medical Schools in Australia.  Contact us today!