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Curtin University Business School Fee Freeze

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Curtin University

 Curtin University Business School Freeze Fees for 2015

News just in!!! Curtin Business School have decided to freeze undergraduate and postgraduate unit fees for international students studying at our Western Australian campuses in 2015. No need to worry about the fee going up this year. You pay the same as last years students!

They have been able to deliver this unprecedented freeze as a result of efficiencies achieved within the Curtin Business School over the past 18 months. Keeping 2015 unit fees at the same level as 2014 reflects the acknowledgement of the financial pressures facing international students and families. They understand that the high Australian dollar and rising costs of university education have challenged many students and families. Curtin know that cost can be a barrier to studying overseas, and recognize that some potential students have not been able to pursue a high quality education as a result.

Curtin always seek to listen, and act responsively, to their students and agent network, and this decision has been strongly informed by these conversations. It is very exciting news and quite unheard of that international students commencing their studies at Curtin Business School in Western Australia in first and second semester 2015 will pay our 2014 unit fees. Existing international students also benefit as they too see their Curtin Business School unit fees held at 2014 rates in 2015.


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