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Curtin webinar talks about Curtin Physiotherapy School

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Last night, Curtin University hosted the Curtin Health Sciences webinar with KOM Consultants.

Great information was given on the Curtin Health Science programs such as Physiotherapy and Speech Pathology. We wanted to thank William Liew from the Faculty of Health Sciences for taking the time to host the webinar.

If you missed the live broadcast, check out the recorded webinar version on the KOM website.

William mostly talked about the Curtin Physiotherapy School.

PHYSIOTHERAPY PROGRAM: The graduate-entry Master of Physiotherapy program is 2.4 years in length and starts in January.

AVAILABLE SEATS: This past intake, there were over 200 applications submitted for the Master of Physiotherapy program with only 25 spots available. Out of the 25 spots, 10 were international students including 3 Canadians.

GPA REQUIREMENT: Applicants must have at least a 70% gpa. However, the average gpa of the students who were accepted last intake was 84%.


  • Curtin application
  • Physiotherapy supplementary application
  • personal statement about your journey and passion for Physiotherapy
  • 2 academic references
  • undergraduate transcripts
  • must have: 1. Musculoskeletal Human Anatomy 2. Human Biology or Physiology 3. Psychology

DEADLINES: Curtin University is still accepting applications for the January 2014. The application deadline is August 31st, but William said that now is the time to apply!

So contact KOM now to start the application process!


For more information on study Physiotherapy in Australia abroad, contact KOM Consultants.