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Degree Plus Opportunities at Gloucestershire

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Degree Plus Opportunities at Gloucestershire 


Degree Plus at the University of Gloucestershire is a wonderful opportunity given to students to get more out of their time at Gloucestershire. As well as getting your qualification, they want to help you gain the skill sand capabilities that employers are looking for when they recruit new graduates. When you leave the University of Gloucestershire at the end of your course, they want you to feel confident that you are well prepared to go out and land a great job!

How you gain this experience is up to you and what works best for you and the particular program you are enrolled in. The options available are; work experience, volunteering, activities, internships, enterprise projects, running student societies and many other things. Through these types of opportunities you can broaden your experience, extend your understanding of the way people and organizations work, build up your portfolio of the skills employers look for – and enjoy yourself while you’re doing it.

Internship Program

An Internship program is one of the ways students can gain experience during their course. the internships at Gloucestershire are 80 hours in duration and are designed to fit flexibly around your studies. you can do an internship in whatever area you want. It’s about what you want to get out of it!!!! It’s available to ALL students, yep, that’s undergraduate and postgraduate.


Volunteering can be done within the University or in the hundreds of charities in the area looking for keen volunteers. You can choose what are you wan tot volunteer in as well. It allows you to gain experience on interesting projects and in a variety of roles that you would not easily be able to get anywhere else. These volunteering experiences also inform your thinking about what you want to do when you have finished studying.

Careers Service

This provides positive, practical careers advice and employability support throughout your time at university and beyond. Open to all students and in offices accessible to students they provide support and advice to do with anything about your career ….. anything!!! They also run the degree plus award.

Degree Plus Award

“The Degreeplus Award added to my self-confidence, improved my CV and gave me practical experience to talk about in interviews and applications.” – Student at University of Gloucestershire

The Degreeplus award is open to all students and is designed to give formal recognition to achievements outside your academic program. it demonstrates to employers that you have gone the extra mile, adds value to your resume and prepares you to perform confidently in recruitment interviews.


The 12 month placement is regarded as the premier route to enhancing your employability. The placement is open to all students from the following areas; accounting, business, marketing, computing, events and leisure related courses. the placements is available to students undertaking courses that have 12 month placement as an optional or compulsory module.


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