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Fun Fact Friday – Uni of Gloucestershire

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Fun Fact Friday – Uni of Gloucestershire

I don’t think I’ve ever done a “Fun Fact Friday” blog but lets pretend I have, it has a ring to it. A few weeks back I gave you a break from reading and posted a more visual appealing blog on the Uni of Gloucestershire. As it’s the first Friday in 2015 where most of us are back to school or work etc, I thought I’d stick to the visual style blog again!

This is part II of the get to know University of Gloucestershire Poster blog. You can find Part I here

Before you scroll down to view the brightly coloured posters, I will leave you with this;

1. The University of Gloucestershire will be touring Ontario colleges in two weeks time. I will post the colleges we are visiting early next week. stay tuned.

2. It is free to apply to the University of Gloucestershire with KOM Consultants.

3. To apply, simply click the apply button at the end of this post.

4. It’s FREE to apply. Oh, I said that already… great, it needs to be said twice.




Computing field trips include Comic Con London and Eurogamer Expo

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KOM Consultants are the application centre for the University of Gloucestershire.

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