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Griffith University Alumni tells her story of studies, employment and tips during interviews…

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Griffith University Alumni tells her story of studies, employment and tips during interviews…


Spotlight on Alumni | Jennifer Schwartz

Jennifer graduated from Griffith University in July 2011 with a double degree in Human Resource Management and Tourism Management. During her pre-graduation year at Griffith University, Jennifer was elected as the inaugural Vice President of the Griffith Business School Students Association (GBSA).

During Jennifer’s years of study at the Gold Coast campus at Griffith University, she worked part time in various industries including retail, vacation ownership and tourism. Following her time at Griffith University Jennifer took the role of Human Resource Coordinator with Dreamworld, assisting with the HR requirements for Dreamworld, WhiteWater World and SkyPoint.

In this role Jennifer’s main focus was on seasonal recruitment, which involved liaising with departments to help establish staffing needs and facilitating the overall recruitment requirements for seasonal staff. This process saw Jennifer coordinating the recruitment of around 150 new staff for each major season.

Jennifer has recently committed to a move south, accepting the role of Recruitment and HR Coordinator for L’Oreal. Relocating to Melbourne this month Jennifer is excited to progress her career in human resource management.


Jen’s top tips for attending a job interview

I have a lot of experience interviewing job candidates and most recently being interviewed myself. See below my top tips for successfully attending a job interview.

Be yourself: It is only natural when you’re sitting in front of one or a group of people during a job interview that you will be a little nervous. Try and push through those nerves and find your comfort level where you can be yourself. If you can achieve this you will enjoy the interview more and relax which will in turn provide a sense of confidence to the hiring manager and allow them to see the real you.

Tell the truth: When you go for a job interview tell the truth. It is very important that you provide truthful information when you’re sitting in front of a hiring manager. They will soon catch you out if your stories are inconsistent with your CV or references.

Do your research: Make sure you research the company before you present yourself for an interview. It is very impressive if a candidate has done appropriate research on the company (i.e. financial performance, industry, product and client research).

Always ask for a copy of the position description. This allows you to gain an understanding of the role you have applied for and learn exactly what is involved. A handy tip I always use is  to write notes on the position description. If there is a task listed that I do in my current job I write this down so I can make reference to it in my interview.

Presentation is important: Always present yourself in a professional and organised manner. There is nothing more impressive than interviewing someone for a job and seeing that their confidence is expressed in their personal attire. You can never be over dressed for an interview and it is better to look professional and stand out for that reason, than to be remembered as the person who turned up wearing a singlet and thongs. First impressions count, so ensure that your presentation is to a high standard as it is the first glance an interviewer has of you.


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