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James Cook University offers Packing tips for your trip to Australia

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Is this how you pack?!

So, you’re packing for your trip to Australia- afraid you’ll forget something? Freaking out? Need some instruction? Well, here’s a list with some helpful hints and advice from James Cook University. 

 Calm down. And start getting ready for the trip of a lifetime.

Firstly- the things that seem obvious but are often forgotten, you don’t want to be spending extra money on items like:
First aid kit
Contact lenses

Secondly, what NOT to bring:
Pets – Australian Border Security won’t let Rover come in with you
Aunt Mavis’s special home-made jam – again Border Security won’t let you in with raw food items. Call Australian Customs for more information: call +61 2 9313 3010 or visit Australian Customs.

Bring a little of your home country with you:

Family photos
Cultural artifact for culture cafe (these are displayed on the university campus)
Traditional dress
Recipes from home to cook for yourself/new friends

Here are some items that will make life a little easier:
Adaptor for technical goods (to charge phones, laptops)
Copies of your important travel documents i.e. travel insurance/passport
Some Australian money- NO currency exchange at Townsville airport.
Driver’s license

Before and for the big trip:
Snacks (check with customs)
CHECK BAGGAGE limits for internal Australia flights- excess baggage can be expensive
Bring a copy of the university phone number and address of where you’re going to stay in your carry-on luggage.

Some serious things:
Medications- don’t assume you can get the same medications in Australia. Don’t bring prescriptions- they can’t be filled here. Check with Customs (+61 2 9313 3010) to see how much medication you can bring with you.
Letters from doctor if you have an existing medical condition

And, finally, the fun things:
Camera- obvious really, but this important recorder-of-memories is sometimes left behind.
Gifts for JCU support staff- some helpful suggestions are Reese’s Pieces (really any form of chocolate will get you hero-like status amongst the Support team).
Phone (check that it works in Australia first)
Sense of fun and adventure- very important!
And of course you’re here to learn and have fun so – a SMILE.

Want more information on your pre-departure to study in Australia, contact KOM Consultants.