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KOM Alumni talks about studying at Griffith University’s Dental School

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KOM Consultant Alumni, Daniel, is currently studying at the Griffith University Dental School.  

Griffith University has a six year undergraduate dental program offered at the Grifith University Dental School.  Griffith Dental School is located at the Gold Coast campus in Queensland, Australia. The Bachelor of Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine program’s next intake is February 2015.

 There is still time to apply!   Application deadline is September 30th.

Here is what Daniel has to say about Griffith and the Griffith Dental program:


First of all I have to say I had such an amazing semester here at Griffith University. Most of the people might think  the first semester of studies at an International University will be their least favourite and scariest one especially if it is a thousand miles away from home. But I can say with confidence that I found Griffith University to be the most friendly school compared to the ones I have attended before.

Griffith University offers a variety of useful services such as career services, academic advisors, on campus walking clinic (that the student insurance covers the fees), etc. Academic and non-academic Griffith University staff are very approachable and they reply to your emails within a few hours.  For example, I have walked in and had a chat with the Head of the Griffith Dental school a few times.

The Griffith Gold Coast campus is almost brand new and very organized. I love the library with  a year round 24/7 study section with computers.  One of my favourite places on campus is the tennis courts. There is a tennis club and we get together and play tennis three nights per week.  Griffith University Dive Club is pretty active. They have weekly scuba diving plans for $40 on the Coast and once in a while they go to the amazing diving spots in Australia.

Also, here are some few tips that are useful:

  • before coming to Australia to study, apply for a Amazon visa card. This is the only Canadian credit card beside the sears mastercard (but who wants the sears points in Australia lol) that you can use out of the country with no foreign exchange fees, which is normally 2.5-3% per transactions with the other Canadian cards.  The first few weeks I only used this card until I sorted out my bank account and money transfers from home.
  • If you want a driving licence you can transfer your Canadian one and get a Queensland’s drivers licence pretty easily (costs $150). A local driving licence is a good thing to have because some places don’t accept anything other than a QLD licence or passports from international students as a piece of ID.  If  you in Australia for a year it costs less (around $90).
  • Always be careful and watch your laptops or cell phones, etc. Someone stole my bike couple weeks ago. It was locked up in the parking of a high rise but I have no idea how it happened.


KOM Consultants is the Canadian Application Centre for Griffith University and the Griffith Dental School.  Contact us today for more information.