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KOM alumni’s experience at Griffith

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Thinking of studying at Griffith University?  Here is what KOM alumni have to say about their experience…
“First semester went by so fast! There’s a bit of a learning curve with assignment expectations and grading, jumping into third year the way we did, but the course load is easy to manage and the assignments aren’t too difficult. The atmosphere is very different from College as meeting people is not as easy in a lecture with 300 students. Thankfully, because there are so many Canadians, the school has a Canadian Students Association which hosts all sorts of events that make it easier to get to know people.
The Gold Coast is a beautiful area. It has the feel of a city yet the advantage of a huge, absolutely gorgeous beach. There’s always a party going on somewhere in Surfer’s Paradise with cheap drinks and a good vibe.
Our apartment is about 20 minutes outside Surfer’s Paradise, half way between there and the University. It’s a holiday apartment complex so our neighbors change every week which is a definite bonus.
We’ve heard of people who did not go through KOM who ended up enrolling in the wrong program so we don’t know what we would have done without you there to answer our millions of questions (I know there were a lot!) and guide us in the right direction. We definitely wouldn’t be here without you and the help of KOM.
We’ve been talking about how we miss the cold weather! Trust me, I never though I’d say that ever, but it’s almost too hot already. I can’t imagine what summer will be like.”
G & S, Bachelor of Business, Griffith