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La Trobe Univerity offers Tips for getting organized at the start of semester

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Tips for getting organized at the start of semester

Semester 2 has begun at La Trobe and students are busy getting ready for another academic semester! It can be stressful and overwhelming getting prepared for another semester of study, especially if you’re studying in a different country. We have compiled a list of the top tips to help you achieve academic success this semester.

  1. Sort out your space – make sure you have a clean and organized space for studying and doing assignments. Not only will this put you in the right headspace to tackle challenges, it also minimizes health and safety risks that can come with a cluttered work space.
  2. Buy all of your text books – it can be quite a significant financial burden to buy all of your text books, and you might be tempted to miss a couple, but your teachers have prescribed them for a reason. Look online for websites that allow you to buy second-hand textbooks. Also, after you have passed the class, you can also get a percentage of your money back for the books. The Co-op’s Bucks 4 Books scheme will purchase your pre-loved text books, giving you money to spend on what you really want!
  3. Set up stress free outlets – one of the most important aspects of studying is knowing when to take a break! Before your studies get too stressful, make sure you have some outlets to relieve stress. These can include extra-curricular activities, sports, volunteering and remember that you can always get help from La Trobe International Student Services.
  4. Get your free university diary – the La Trobe University Student Union gives out free daily planners/diaries so you can keep track of assignments, classes and social events.
  5. Supplies – this may seem like a simple one, but make sure you stock up on books for your different classes, pens, pencils and any other stationary requirement you might need.

Any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact KOM Consultants.


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