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La Trobe University Scholarship Update 2018

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LaTrobe University Scholarship Update 2018

We would like to take a moment to wish you a wonderful new year filled with abundance, joy and treasured moments.Below is an update of the international scholarship opportunities that La Trobe University will offering in 2018. Please note that students will be automatically assessed for all scholarships on offer by their admissions staff after an application has been submitted.

 LaTrobe University Scholarship Update 2018 pt2

La Trobe College Excellence Scholarships

We offer the La Trobe College Excellence Scholarship to high-achieving international students wanting to study at La Trobe University.The scholarship covers up to 25% of the tuition fees for the whole duration of a student’s study period and is available to students undertaking approved undergraduate and/or postgraduate coursework program.

Please note that these scholarships are limited and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

For a full list of approved courses and more details, see La Trobe International Scholarship page.

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ELICOS Scholarship

In 2018, La Trobe will be offering a number of ELICOS scholarships to international students commencing English language studies at La Trobe Melbourne, packaged with undergraduate or postgraduate study at La Trobe University following the completion of their English study.The scholarship is awarded on merit and will cover up to 10 weeks of ELICOS training for successful applicants.

For more information, see La Trobe Melbourne ELICOS page.

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Regional Campus Scholarship

In 2018, La Trobe continue to invite international students to apply for a Regional Campus Scholarship. This scholarship offers up to $5,000 worth of tuition fees for students studying undergraduate or postgraduate coursework programs at one of our regional campuses.La Trobe’s regional campuses provide smaller classes and unique opportunities to participate in innovative and varied research directly related to the region.