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Law at University of Adelaide

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Thinking of studying Law and want to study down under?!! Yes, I’m talking about Australia! We work very closely with the University of Adelaide who are ranked within the Top 50 Law Schools in the WORLD! Same as University of Toronto! Here are some FAQ when relating to studying Law outside of Canada!!


What GPA do I need to be accepted in to the School of Law at Adelaide? They look for a 3.3 on a 4.0 GPA scale.

Do you require LSAT? Nope :)

Can I come back to Canada and practice Law after studying in Australia? The answer is simply, YES! We wouldn’t send you all the way to Australia if you couldn’t do what you love when you returned to Canada. You will need to study 5 additional topics relating to Canadian Law.

How will I make up these five additional subjects? Well, you have some options!!! You can sit exams during the year or just before you return. You can graduate and then stay on for 6 months to study for these exams under your study visa.

Another option which isn’t finalised yet is; You can sit these exams in a Canadian Law School. University of Adelaide is in talks with Uni’s in Western Canada to allow their students who are returning from Australia to sit these exams on their campus. Then once they’re done, BOOM. You can practice law!


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