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Let KOM hear your story…

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A month has already gone by since KOM students arrived in Australia.   We asked them to let us hear their story of their first month in Australia.
 Here is one story…
I have absolutely fallen in love with Australia. I would have to say my favourite places are Paddy’s Market, Chinatown Night Market and The Sydney Opera House. The weather here is incredible and the people here are laid back and very friendly. I am in no way missing the snow back at home!
When I first arrived, I had to think about everything – from buying plates and cutlery to planning out my meals for each week, so I can purchase my food accordingly. After about two weeks in, I was settled. It’s very easy to get used to the lifestyle here in Australia.
 Five things I cannot live without: bug spray (the insects here are very large!), sun block (the sun rays are very strong), my personal blog (Documenting my travels makes it real and acts as a great pick-me-up for when I’m down), Skype (to keep everyone I miss at home updated) and a good Australian Fashion magazine, like Vogue Australia (because the fashions here are always evolving and it’s good to stay current!).
Thanks Melissa.   Melissa is currently studying at UWS in Sydney Australia.