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Every semester students contact KOM Consultants  with their comments  about  studying overseas.

Here’s what one student had to say…

“I just wanted to thank KOM Consultants for making this transition so easy.
From helping me with my applications, to making sure I had somewhere to stay when I arrived.
I just wanted to share one story that made the difference for me.
I was a little bit apprehensive about meeting people when I left. I took the group flight from Toronto.
Well.. on the first flight sitting next to me was a girl who was also flying to Brisbane, and wouldn’t you know it, but she was also in Education at
Griffith. When we landed in Auckland we had lunch together, and a nice guy came over and said, “I heard your accents- you must be Canadian!” He brought us over where a group of other students were sitting around. We played cards until our next flight.
It seems almost silly, but this made the entire experience a positive one.
I’m still friends with them today.
I don’t think I woul’ve had the same experience had I tried to do this on my own.
Thanks for everything.”
R Baker, Griffith University

Check back often to hear what other students are saying.

KOM Consultants are the Canadian representative and application centre for Griffith University. Contact our office for further information on programs and application procedures.

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