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Macquarie Canadian’s top pick for speech pathology

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May is Speech and Hearing Awareness Month.   We wanted to highlight Win Sum Cheung for choosing Macquarie University  as being this Canadian’s top pick for Speech Pathology.   Here is her story…

Born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong and with an undergraduate linguistics degree from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Win Sum Cheung knew she wanted to pursue a professional speech pathology career in Hong Kong, but wanted the option of working in an English speaking country as well.

 With limited postgraduate options in Hong Kong and Canada, Win Sum began looking at speech pathology programs in Australia, attracted to its close proximity to friends and family in Hong Kong.

“I applied to a few Australian universities and got offers for Macquarie, University of Melbourne and University of Sydney,” she says. “I chose Macquarie partly because their admissions and academic staff were much more helpful in answering my questions about the program.”

“Through my research, I found that Macquarie’s program is more established than other Australian universities,” she adds. “It also offers a wider variety of clinical placements, so I can get work experience in pediatric or a hospital or a school, depending on my interests.”

“And being qualified by the Speech Pathology Association of Australia means I’ll have work opportunities in English-speaking countries like Canada and the U.S.”

Win Sum was first attracted to speech pathology as a profession after undertaking voluntary observation work with speech disorder patients during her undergraduate study. But with two younger sisters yet to finish university, her parents gave her a warning:

“They said, ‘if you want to study postgrad, you better find a scholarship!'” she laughs.

Win Sum applied for an Endeavour Award, and with good references from her teachers and the community organisation she had been volunteering for, she was able to secure a scholarship.

“When I got the email saying I’d been successful, my hands were shaking – it was like I’d won the lottery! I called my mum straight away.”

A resident at Robert Menzies College, Win Sum’s focus is now on tackling the technical content of her program.

“The anatomy-related content is a challenge for me, as I haven’t studied science since high school,” she says. “Most of my time is spent studying!”

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