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Macquarie University Doctor of Physiotherapy Student

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Canadian Andrea Luk travelled over 14,000km to study physiotherapy at Macquarie
Canadian Andrea Luk travelled over 14,000km to study physiotherapy at Macquarie

It was during her work as a volunteer in rehabilitation departments in Canada that Andrea Luk first witnessed the remarkable physical improvements that physiotherapy could bring, and the immense gratitude patients displayed towards their physiotherapists.

Inspired by this, she searched out a course that would allow her to change people’s lives for the better. Macquarie’s Doctor of Physiotherapy course delivered.

“It struck me as such a well-rounded program, especially with its business and research components,” she says. “I felt that it would better prepare me, as I intend to start my own physiotherapy practice in the future.”

A stand out of Macquarie’s course is the large amount of supervised clinical training, something Andrea found to be extremely helpful.

“I had placements in an acute hospital, a rehabilitation hospital, primary care, sports physiotherapy, and occupational rehabilitation,” she says. “It gave me the opportunity for plenty of hands-on practice and I got to experience handling patient caseloads on my own. It also exposed me to multidisciplinary teamwork and the benefit in collaborative treatment of patients.”

As a student in the first degree cohort, Andrea and her fellow students enjoyed brand-new, state-of-the-art facilities, including an attached research lab.

“Macquarie’s physiotherapy department occupies an entire floor,” Andrea notes. “There‘s ample room to practice hands-on skills – three whole rooms lined up with plinths, a small gym and several group study areas.”

“The teachers’ commitment and support for every student was always apparent and they had a hugely positive impact on my learning experience,” she adds.

It wasn’t all study though. With a three-year break from the Canadian winter, Andrea spent as much time as possible outside soaking up the Sydney sun.

“Sydney has such great weather,” Andrea says. “Even during winter you’re able to sit outside and enjoy the warm sunshine and the gorgeous beaches.”

“Macquarie’s campus is lovely too. As a group, we enjoyed going to the campus bar and spending time on the grassy hill overlooking the beautiful lake.”

She says Canadians seeking an overseas qualification should definitely be considering Macquarie.

“Not only does Macquarie offer great training, it is a chance to visit a country that you may have only dreamed of, where you’ll meet some of the most laid-back, friendly people – just like Canadians!”

The Doctor of Physiotherapy is a three-year professional extended masters degree for those seeking to work as a qualified physiotherapist with advanced clinical decision-making abilities.

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