Macquarie University – Canadian talks about Practical Speech & Language degree

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Honouring National Speech & Hearing Awareness month, KOM thought we would highlight Macquarie University and the Master of Speech and Language Pathology program.  
Macquarie is just one of six Australian universities that offer Australian Speech Pathology programs in Australia
Here is a post from the Macquarie Globe from a KOM alumni that went onto the Master of Speech and Language Pathology program at Macquarie University. 

“I wouldn’t change my time at Macquarie for the world – it’s been a great experience,” says Canadian Katy Patterson, Master of Speech and Language Pathology student.

Katy has completed over half of the two-year degree and says she’s now used to life in Sydney. “I’m not from a big city so it took some getting used to. But now I enjoy the city-aspect of living here the most – there is more entertainment and things to do. I’ve become used to the city life.”

Katy is one of five Canadians in her program and says the student group is quite close. “There are about 16 people in our class so you get to know everyone. I feel really comfortable presenting to the class because it’s really personable.”

The Master of Speech and Language Pathology includes extensive practical experience. “I have clinic one day per week during semester, and in each break we have practical blocks,” says Katy.

Clinical Practicum consists of supervised clinical practice in both on and off-campus clinics across a variety of settings, such as hospitals, schools and nursing homes. Specialist clinic observations are also incorporated throughout the course.

The practical component enables students to work with individuals with developmental or acquired communication and swallowing disorders. “In our practicals we shadow a clinical educator, we see our own clients – it’s really hands-on. The practical definitely helps bring the theory together because we can apply it to reality.”

The Macquarie University Speech Clinic is located alongside campus and gives students further opportunity to learn in a practical environment. “The University Clinic has therapy and observation rooms which use video cameras to tape sessions. There are also some guest lectures held there,” she says.

After completing a placement in a private practice which specialised in brain injury, Katy became particularly interested in the area. “It is a tough area to work in, but my supervisor said it gets easier. You really focus on the good, and on the fact you’re helping your patient get better and achieve their goals.”

The Speech Pathology program at Macquarie University is accredited by the Speech Pathology Association of Australia.

Watch for upcoming blogs on other Australian Universities highlighting their Speech Pathology program, including University of Sydney, Curtin University, Griffith University and La Trobe University.  Contact KOM Consultants to apply today.