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My Study Abroad Experience

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My Study Abroad Experience 

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Where to begin… It seems like an interesting idea to study in a different country, a place where you probably don’t know anybody, a place where you only know the stuff from the research you’ve done and a place where everything is different. I know that when I thought about the idea of studying in a different country my parents were not pleased at all. It took me a while to convince them of the benefits that I thought would be brought from the experience of studying abroad. At first glance when you think about studying abroad you’re always worried about how you’re going to pay for it and that was exactly what I was thinking. But then eventually things started falling in place, and even if they didn’t you wouldn’t think about giving up, especially not after being offered a position in a highly competitive program.

The common problems of jet lag and such are always difficult to get through, so definitely give yourselves some time to adjust before commencing your studies, try to arrive about a week before.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 13.36.09The first few days at the university, orientation week, provided so much information that I began to question if I could handle all the content and the expectation as described by the professors. Many times, especially in the initial stages of the degree, you will question yourself and that’s a good thing. You’re entering a competitive program at a place where you know nobody, it can be overwhelming. But don’t worry introduce yourself to a few new classmates because you’ll probably be helping each other out throughout the duration of your program.


That’s where it is important to find something you can do to calm your mind, to keep you from overthinking. Something that will help you cope with the stress associated with the new university, new classmates and finally, the new surroundings.

For all you coffee lovers I say explore around the new surroundings, use google maps, locate the closest café in your vicinity and enjoy a nice cup of coffee, or whatever your preference is.

No matter all the difficulties you may have initially, whether you’re getting used to the climate or you’re having trouble figuring out how to get somewhere, it’s your own little adventure. You’ll get used to it and most of all it’ll help you grow as an independent individual.


My advice is that if you are offered the opportunity to go overseas for your degree…

…Take the chance because it’ll be worth it and it’ll be one of the greatest experience you will have.

Parth Suthar

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