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National Law Week

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National Law Week

National Law Week is an annual event, held in May, to promote public understanding of the law and its role in society. This year, Law week runs from May 16th – May 20th.

The focus of this event is to provide attendees a closer look at how the law and justice system works in each Australian state. Activities that people can participate in during Law week include: courthouse tours, mock trials, student competitions and many other exciting and informative programs.

Law Week is about the community and ensuring they are given the opportunity to have an open dialogue with the legal profession. By informing the community of the law services available through interesting and enjoyable events, the hope is to create a more fair and just society.

Programs are developed to include people from diverse backgrounds, organisations and perspectives in the planning and implementation of programs and in the audience Law Week activities serve.

Law Week is managed by the Law Society of NSW in conjunction with other stakeholders from the Attorney General’s Department, the Legal Aid Commission of NSW, the NSW Police Force, the NSW Bar Association, NSW Young Lawyers, LIAC and the Department of Education and Training.

While the program changes each year, activities and events typically include:

  • Activities for school students
  • NSW Young Lawyers Golden Gavel Competition
  • Court Open Days
  • Legal Information Forums at public libraries across the State
  • Community activities organised by Legal Aid, the NSW Police and the Department of Education and Training

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