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New State of the Art Media Centre opens at Macquarie University, Sydney

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Future of media launched in lab at Macquarie University

Macquarie media centre


Creative media and future journalism students now have access to Australia’s most sophisticated and current media production facilities, with the launch of Y3A’s Futures Lab at Macquarie University.

“Traditional media outlets are actually in some ways shrinking, while the amount of journalism is actually growing,” said Professor John Simons, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Macquarie University. “What we’re really trying to do here is to address issues of the employability of advanced journalists in this new situation. My aim, and it’s always been my aim, is that in a couple of years time, people will be pitching out for jobs in the media in Australia and people will be saying, oh, she’s done the Macquarie course. That’s where we want to be.”

The Futures Lab at Macquarie University, in Sydney Australia allows students to produce content in a real-time environment that mirrors industry standards. It is a large-scale online and social media production facility that works with the same technology systems as Channel 9, the ABC and SBS.

Equipment includes:

  • AVID ISIS 5500 network media system with 4 x 64TB of high speed storage
  • Avid MediaCentral and Interplay Production, allowing for comprehensive digital workflow management, remote media editing and voice over recording, incoming news feed management, and news scripting from remote laptops and tablets.
  • A green screen TV studio with remote controlled cameras and lighting and auto cue
  • Tricaster vision mixer with virtual sets
  • iNews newsroom management system
  • A media server integrated social media delivery system

“This represents the most significant investment in online media production to date by an Australian university,” said Associate Professor and Head of Department, Mark Evans, Macquarie University.


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