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New students tap into La Trobe University

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Did you know bottled water emits the same amount of greenhouse gases per year in Australia as 13,000 cars?

La Trobe’s Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Sustainability) and
La Trobe International
are helping international students save money and the environment. All new international students will receive environmentally friendly reusable water bottles in 2012.

In Australia, water from taps is as clean as bottled water, safe, sustainable and cheaper, so it makes environmental and economic sense to use a BPA-free or stainless steel reusable bottle and fill up from home or at one of the University’s recently installed free water fountains across its campuses.

Beginning with this year, all new international students who register at La Trobe in Semester 1 will be supplied with a reusable La Trobe Generations water bottle, accompanied with information on the benefits of choosing Australian tap water over bottled water.

In 2011, La Trobe was ranked in the top 10 most sustainable Australian universities, and students began a campaign to reduce the University’s environmental impact through a push to ban bottled water at La Trobe. This is an easy but effective way of helping the environment and the University in its aim to become the most sustainable university in Australia.

La Trobe’s commitment to the social and environmental sustainability of its community and the planet through the introduction of La Trobe Generations saw the University collect the 2011 Green Gown Award for its continuing work in embedding sustainability into every facet of its community.

La Trobe University’s Office of Sustainability and La Trobe International are both pleased to be supporting this effort and hope the initiative will spread to the wider student community.

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