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University of Newcastle Academic Honoured for Graduating Global Citizens

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A leading academic in international business studies from the University of Newcastle has received national recognition for his quality teaching and sustained dedication to improving student learning outcomes.

University of Newcastle Academic Honoured for Graduating Global Citizens

Associate Professor Brendan Boyle last night received a 2017 Teaching Excellence Award from the Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT), for his innovative delivery modes that are helping students confidently complete their studies.

As an Irish expatriate and former international student himself, Associate Professor Boyle has used his own experiences to capitalise on the diversity of thought all students bring to his classroom.

“Most of my students are international students and consequently, I have adapted coursework and assessments to consider their individual needs, from language and cultural differences to class interaction.

“Students from different countries are effectively the experts when it comes to doing business in their particular countries and I like to draw on that expertise so that we can all learn from each other,” he said.

Associate Professor Boyle’s interest in multinational companies (MNCs) was born in Ireland and led him to pursue a PhD at the University of Sydney, before he was invited to research and teach international business at the University of Newcastle.

Recognising the significance of a changing international landscape, Associate Professor Boyle strives to provide students with an evolving understanding of international trade and business.

“Since globalisation presents both challenges as well as opportunities for firms and our graduates, who will have to work in an increasingly integrated and interdependent global economy, we need to be able to make sense of it all to make good decisions,” he said.

Despite integrating excellence throughout his teaching career and helping thousands of students successfully graduate from their studies, Associate Professor Boyle said he was surprised to receive the award.

“I’m still pinching myself. If you told me when I first arrived in Australia that I’d end up receiving an award from the Minister of Education as an Associate Professor at a top university, I’m not sure I would have believed it.

“I feel humbled, honoured and thankful to all the people who helped me to get to this point in my career, especially my mentor Professor Stephen Nicholas and my wonderful partner Professor Rebecca Mitchell,” he said.

Associate Professor Boyle was presented with the award on December 14 at the National Awards Presentation Ceremony held in Melbourne.

Source Article: University of Newcastle