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RMIT Graduate develops Pocket Rice App to tackle World Hunger

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RMIT_logoRMIT University graduate and North Melbourne resident James Downing has developed an app that aims to tackle world hunger through trivia.

iPhone Screenshot 1Pocket Rice asks users to answer trivia questions and for each correct answer they are able donate 15 real grains of rice to hungry people all over the world.

The app then generates its revenue through the Apple iAd network to pay for the rice.

To date Pocket Rice has had more than 19,000 downloads and raised over one million real grains of rice to feed more than 50 poor and hungry people in Northern India.

Mr Downing developed the app as part of his final year project in the Master of Business Information Technology (MBIT).

“Many of my classmates wanted to pursue IT engagements associated with existing companies but I wanted to be different so I chose to develop an app,” Mr Downing said.

Pocket Rice has excellent pick-up because it’s a win-win for the user and the need to solve world hunger.

“It’s free to download and the rice is completely paid for by advertising within the app.”

Mr Downing said his RMIT lecturers encouraged him to step out of the box when developing the app and to research the link between gamification and charitable causes.

“They created an environment where I was able to design something that was successful in an academic sense and also had a real world impact,” he said.

“I was inspired by the way technology is changing the world around us and how mobile devices have elevated our ability to solve a lot of large scale problems which we previously thought were impossible to overcome.”

Pocket Rice can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store and is available for both iPhone and iPad.


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