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Saved! Queensland Conservatorium saved by Floods

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Queensland Conservatorium’s historian Professor Peter Roennfeldt can now breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the host of irreplaceable and historic instruments that were threatened during the recent Brisbane floods are now safe and secure.
Though the Conservatorium did sustain damage, it was confined to the underground carpark. What went on before inundation was a Herculean effort of people who worked tirelessly, non-stop, for over 24 hours in order to move instruments, equipment, and an entire library, to higher ground. Their efforts saved heartbreak, and an inestimable amount of money.

Under the direction of Griffith University’s Campus Life, take a look at the tally:

  • Musical Instruments: grand pianos (25), double basses (5), period pianos (5), harpsichords (4), a chamber organ and an electric organ, Javanese Gamelan orchestra (30 pieces), an entire suite of percussion instruments, and a range of wood, brass and string instruments.
  • Library: 60,000 individual items (books, periodicals, scores, CDs, complete orchestral scores) – and all had to be checked for mould before being re-shelved. Plus a security gate, copiers, computers, AV equipment, and specialist library equipment.

Historically the Con’s buildings have now survived three ‘close shaves’ in – 1893, 1974, 2011, when all of them came close to being flooded.   The work of the 2011 Con Flood  Rescue Heroes can never be underestimated or given enough thanks for their efforts.

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