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Soaking In All Of Alberta Before Studying Abroad

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KOM Consultants would like to introduce you to anther one of our bloggers, Amelia, and this is her first blog!

As she is set to pack up her life and move to the UK, Amelia decides to explore her hometown one last time and take it all in :)

We’ll hear more from Amelia throughout the year as she studies at the University of Gloucestershire

Soaking In All Of Alberta before Studying Abroad

Amelia blig pic 1

When I thought about applying to school abroad, I thought it would be a complicated process. I am so grateful for KOM Consultants who helped me with that process. They were so kind and friendly, and they answered all my questions. I am so happy I found them! I am also grateful for University of Gloucestershire, the school I chose, because they were so fast with their e-mails and helpful with answering my questions. I just felt like I was very welcomed into their school.

So with my last few months here before school starts again, I decided to pack my holidays full of adventure, and soak in my favourite bits of Alberta. One of my favourite places in the whole entire world is the Rocky Mountains. I cannot get enough of this place! We always love hiking at Lake Louise, but when we went there in April, the trail was still snowy. We didn’t hike up Lake Louise this year, but this was the first time I saw Lake Louise covered in ice.

blog pic 3 blog pic 2

We often end our trip to the Rockies with MacKay’s ice-cream. Because they make delicious ice-cream!

I made a trip to the Rockies three times this summer. That’s how much I love it. The second time, all the thin ice melted from Lake Louise.

blog pic 5 blog pic 4

We went the second time because I had a half marathon to run!

blog pic 6

It was my second year doing the Banff Half Marathon, and I would totally do it again next year!

Our third trip to the Rockies, we hiked 23 km through Ribbon Creek to see Ribbon Falls.

blog pic 8 blog pic 7

The view was amazing. For some of us, it was the first time hiking that many kilometers. I feel so proud of us!

blog pic 9

My latest journey was to Drumheller. That’s where all the dinosaurs were found. I always find it strange that we have these beautiful badlands in Alberta. It’s Alberta! We’re supposed to be flat and cold! Not hilly and deserty and full of dinosaurs!

Blog pic 11 blog pic 10

After visiting the dinosaurs in the Royal Tyrell Museum, we went to see the hoodoos. There were some steep hills you can climb to get to an amazing view from the top. I was a little scared because the hills were so steep, and I’m kind of afraid of heights. With lots of encouragement and slow moving arms and legs, I made it to the top!

last blog pic

Look at us, all covered in sweat and dust! Nature is just so amazing! I can’t wait to see what I find in the UK! I’ve already started packing! … okay, not really. I packed my winter stuff, because I don’t need them until I leave.

top of mountain 2 top of mountain


How many hats do I need? Does it get down to -40 degrees celcius in England? I still have so many questions!

hats at end

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