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Speech and Hearing Awareness Month

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May is Speech and Hearing Awareness Month, the one month in the year when thousands of professionals involved with the treatment of speech, language and hearing disorders come together to participate in a public awareness campaign.

To honour this month, KOM would like to highlight Speech Pathology programs with our selected universities.     University of Sydney, Macquarie, Flinders, La Trobe and Curtin University all offer postgraduate Speech Pathology programs.       Check out the KOM webpage on Speech Pathology for more information.  

In the month of May, KOM will be giving away promotional items from University of Sydney and Macquarie University to two of our loyal Facebook followers.   Encourage your friends to follow KOM on Facebook.   You have to like us to win.  

Here is more information on the profession:  

Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech-language pathologists are autonomous professionals who have expertise in typical development and disorders of communication and swallowing, as well as assessment and intervention for these areas. In some provinces/territories, speech-language pathologists are governed by a regulatory body and must meet regulatory requirements to practice.

Speech-language pathologists are involved in a number of different activities to promote effective communication and swallowing for the individuals they serve. These activities may include:

  • Assessment of communication and swallowing disorders, which may involve: screening, identification, evaluation, and diagnosis.
  • Intervention for communication and swallowing disorders, which may involve: promotion, prevention, counseling, treatment, consultation, management, (re)habilitation, and education.
  • Education and supervision of students and professionals, including supportive personnel.
  • Consultation with and referral to other professionals.
  • Research.
  • University and/or college education and training.
  • Administration, management and policy development.

Speech-language pathologists may work directly with clients, and/or with their caregivers or other persons who regularly interact with them (e.g. friends, relatives, professionals, colleagues, supportive personnel etc.), for the purpose of creating environments that promote optimal communication and swallowing.

Contact KOM Consultants for further information on programs and application procedures.