You learn a lot about yourself when you study overseas. Janine gives us tips on how to survive group work. Read her latest blog here

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For me, studying abroad has made me recognize how globalized our world is becoming. Even though Canada is multicultural, attending school in Canada is very different from other countries. I probably would have never branched out and met so many people from around the world if I had not come to Australia. Studying abroad lets you suss out(Aussie slang: check out) how cultures vary from one another not only from food and tradition but in an educational and professional setting. …

KOM student party Suthar is a Physiotherapy student at Bond University. Read all about his experience and advice on studying in Australia!

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Where to begin… It seems like an interesting idea to study in a different country, a place where you probably don’t know anybody, a place where you only know the stuff from the research you’ve done and a place where everything is different. I know that when I thought about the idea of studying in a different country my parents were not pleased at all. It took me a while to convince them of the benefits that I thought would be brought from the experience of studying abroad. …

The University of South Australia awarded Gabriel an Honorary Doctorate, honouring his contribution to the music industry and human rights.

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Hon Doc for world music champion Peter Gabriel

Just on 33 years ago, in Britain’s bucolic Somerset region, when the young, energetic and progressive rock musician Peter Gabriel performed at the world’s first World of Music, Arts and Dance (WOMAD) festival, he couldn’t have known that he and the co-founders of the festival would change the music scene forever.

The world music phenomenon has done more than expand the musical tastes of the mass middle class, …

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Adelaide Law School offers a three year graduate entry Law School program, the Bachelor of Laws.

University of Adelaide encourages Canadian students to apply for the upcoming February 2015 intake.

Here is a Canadian’s student experience on studying Law in Australia at the Adelaide law School:

“Studying at a Group of Eight university in Australia’s most affordable city and learning from leading legal experts has been an incredible experience.