Read about the different types of accommodation that you can live on while studying at the University of Newcastle Australia

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I am often asked about accommodation and what is available to students and the best type of accommodation to get. The University of Newcastle Australia have it explained perfectly! Note, temporary accommodation is a great way to start. Have somewhere to go to when you land and while you attend orientation week etc!


International students who are intending to live off-campus generally choose to stay somewhere temporarily (approximately 3 – 10 days) while they source more permanent housing. …

Want to study overseas and live on campus? With no application fee to live on campus with University of Newcastle it's made easy for you!

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Want to live on campus at the University of Newcastle in Australia. Well, you can for a bit cheaper now that they’ve waived the application fee! 


The University of Newcastle (UoN) has waived the $100 application fee for living on campus. Students can apply now free of charge to be part of our vibrant living environment.

Living on campus at the University of Newcastle offers a range of unique benefits to students that simply can’t be found in other accommodation. …