Australia: A Love Story

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Taken from the Macquarie University’s online news edition, we just had to share this short and colourful blog with you!
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“Exactly 11 months ago, I travelled 17,000km and landed down under, extremely anxious and excited at the same time. I had finally achieved one of the goals I had when applying to university: go on a year abroad in Australia.

As a destination, Sydney has so much to offer. …

Macquarie University Hospital Gets A Royal Visitor

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Macquarie University Hospital is Australia’s first and only private not-for-profit teaching hospital on a university campus. It is located on the grounds of Macquarie University, next to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, in innovation corridor Macquarie Park in north-west Sydney, New South Wales.

Modelled on renowned international university hospitals, the hospital‚Äôs approach to treatment is based on combining the best available knowledge and expertise to ensure patients receive a comprehensive and integrated service, …

Macquarie University at a glance

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Macquarie University is one of KOM Consultants partnered universities. It offers programs in Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology, Law¬†and many more…

Today we’re keeping in snappy and looking at Macquarie University in numbers.

OK here goes……



 KOM Consultants are the application centre for over 20 overseas universities.

Call us for more information or to have a chat!¬† …

Where’s Matt?

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Where’s Matt?


 Is he climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Maybe he is at the Sydney Taronga Zoo?

Or is he touring Macquarie’s campus?


Matthew Price is our professional program specialist in the KOM Consultants Office.

He is¬†currently in Australia visiting universities, including Macquarie University in Sydney Australia. ¬†We are excited upon his return to get great information about what Macquarie University has to offer, …

Macquarie University New Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

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Vice-Chancellor Professor Bruce S Dowton has announced the establishment of a new Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Macquarie University.

The Academic Health Sciences Centre is a partnership between Macquarie University and healthcare providers, with an integrated approach to research, clinical services, education and training. This research and healthcare model is used by many of the world‚Äôs leading academic institutions and hospitals, including Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, UCLA and Mayo Clinic. …

Macquarie University…be part of something unique

Image from Macquarie University…be part of something unique

Macquarie University’s researchers, teachers and students are well supported by recent investments of more than $1 billion in facilities and infrastructure, including Macquarie University’s new library, refurbished teaching and resarch spaces, a full equipped gymnasium complete with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and hopsital with associated research facilities.

Macquarie University has also recently been named Australia’s highest-ranking modern university by QS, which placed Macquarie University first in Australia and 16 in the world among universities and under 50 years of age. …

New State of the Art Media Centre opens at Macquarie University, Sydney

Image from New State of the Art Media Centre opens at Macquarie University, Sydney

Future of media launched in lab at Macquarie University


Creative media and future journalism students now have access to Australia’s most sophisticated and current media production facilities, with the launch of Y3A’s Futures Lab at Macquarie University.

‚ÄúTraditional media outlets are actually in some ways shrinking, while the amount of journalism is actually growing,‚ÄĚ said Professor John Simons, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Macquarie University. …

Australian Trivia Challenge Answers

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So here are the answers to the Australian Trivia Challenge we posted. ¬†Let’s see how many you got correctly.


What is the population of Australia?    23 million

How long is the flight from Toronto РSydney (flying time not including layovers)?  19 hours

KOM staff ¬†have taken these long flights a number of times. ¬†Our suggestion is to follow the airlines guidelines. ¬†Get up and walk around – …

Macquarie University visits KOM office

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 Last week, KOM staff had the pleasure of meeting David Harrison, Regional Manager, Macquarie University.  David came to our office for the day and spent some time highlighting Macquarie University, Sydney Australia.  

Did you know about Macquarie?
1.  Macquarie University is among the Worlds Best Young Universities

As it counts down the days until its 50th birthday, Macquarie University has learned it has once more moved up the list of the Top 100 Universities Under 50 rankings according to the UK‚Äôs Times Higher Education. …

Australian Trivia Challenge

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How Well Do You Know Australia?


As KOM Consultant’s students are now preparing to start their Australian studies in July, we thought it would be a fun idea to test everyone‚Äôs general knowledge of the country, Australia! ¬†Remember, try to answer the questions without Googling the answers!

Tune in Monday as KOM will post the answers so you can check your Aussie knowledge!