The First Month of Studying Abroad at IT Sligo

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Written by Colin Topliffe

I’ve been wanting to sit down and write about my experience so far studying in Ireland for a while. School has kept me doing research and writing papers and my passion for photography has been keeping me fairly busy running around trying to get the perfect shots.

I decided to write this blog for two main reasons, the first being to write down my thoughts and experiences so I can reflect on them later and second for others who want to study abroad but want to understand more what the experience is like. …

10 GREAT Reasons to Study Pharmacy in UCC

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Why Study Pharmacy at UCC? 


Here’s 10 Great Reasons Why!


  1. Ranked in the TOP 50 in QS World University Ranking, 2015
  2. Recognized professional qualification in Europe and Canada
  3. Degree recognized by the HPRA for Qualified Person (QP) status in the Pharmaceutical industry throughout Europe
  4. High calibre students
  5. Ireland’s leading Pharmaceutical Research Institute
  6. MPharm competency-based programme
  7. Students are prepared for the working environment in community,

Things To Do In Ireland

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For anyone thinking of studying in Ireland, ahem, we are now working with some great Irish schools if you don’t already know! Click here to see where you can transfer to in Ireland through KOM Consultants.

What does Ireland have that the rest of the world doesn’t? Well, there’s the literary legacy of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and W.B. Yeats; traditional sports such as hurling and Gaelic football; the smooth beverages of Guinness and Irish whiskey; …