FAQ Friday Part 4

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Accommodation costs are a big worry for students when studying abroad, or when studying anywhere for that matter, and naturally so. You want to ensure your living situation is one that is comfortable, and affordable! Cost is a big factor when choosing to study overseas and after the tuition fee’s are paid and that worry is out of the way, your living expenses are the next factor to focus on.

KOM Consultants works with many universities in Australia, …

The First Month Of Studying Abroad

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Over A Month Already?

I’m really enjoying my time here in England. I still can’t really explain how I feel. Sometimes I’m still confused as to where I am when I wake up, but when I walk around town I feel like I’ve been here forever, even though I’ve only been here for about five weeks.

University life here is great! I don’t know if it’s because it’s just the first year, and I’ve done University before, …

Unexpected Opportunities

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What a couple months it has been! Let me tell you, I thought I was lucky to just study in Australia but turns out, I got an opportunity to study in Hong Kong as well. I studied abroad, to study abroad again. I clocked up my frequent flier miles, that’s for sure!

I prefer the cold, being Canadian and all so it was a little bit saddening to leave Brisbane during its winter…(Northern Australian winter is like Calgary spring temperatures). …

Weekend Trip To Melbourne

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One of the best things about Adelaide is its location and proximity to other major Australian cities. With flights to Melbourne only one hour, two hours to Sydney and Brisbane, and three and a half hours to Perth, a weekend getaway is a short flight away. This past weekend, Melbourne was my destination of choice for a brief weekend escape, accompanied by my girlfriend, who was visiting from Canada.


Australia Expectations V Reality

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Expectation #1: GPA will remain the same.


Reality: While not everyone will be affected by a GPA drop the majority of study abroad students will see a change. This could be due to various circumstances like language barrier, change of education style, and stress of being in an unfamiliar country.


Solution: Don’t neglect your study! Ask for help whenever you need it. Universities are very approachable and provide students lots of support and resources. …

Soaking In All Of Alberta Before Studying Abroad

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KOM Consultants would like to introduce you to anther one of our bloggers, Amelia, and this is her first blog!

As she is set to pack up her life and move to the UK, Amelia decides to explore her hometown one last time and take it all in :)

We’ll hear more from Amelia throughout the year as she studies at the University of Gloucestershire

When I thought about applying to school abroad, …

Aussies and International students: Do they mix?

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International and Aussie students: do they mix?


Taken from Macquarie University’s online edition of The Globe. Do International and Australian students mix? It’s an interesting question…..let’s find out :)

Some international students worry about whether they’ll be able to make friends and fit in with local students in Australia. Here, Australian Macquarie student Lydia Melek busts some myths about international students and shares a story of friendship across borders.

“In the second year of my Arts / Commerce bachelor degree, …

5 Things You Learn From Studying Abroad

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Below are just a few lessons you may learn on your journey abroad Hopefully, the list below helps you prepare yourself before you leave home. Seriously, make sure you get a good fill of Timbit’s and inhale as much of Canada before you leave!


  1. You discover new qualities and gain a better understanding of yourself.


When I first came to Australia I thought I was so sure of myself and my capabilities. …

The things people don’t tell you about Australia

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Australia: The things people don’t tell you…


I love Canada. It’s something that everyone of us Canadians has probably thought at one time or another and even said. No matter where I go or what I do, Canada will always be my home, and I will always be proud to say it, then promptly apologize incase I offended anyone eh! Kidding aside, I love the frozen tundra and the lush forests, …

My Study Abroad Experience

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Where to begin… It seems like an interesting idea to study in a different country, a place where you probably don’t know anybody, a place where you only know the stuff from the research you’ve done and a place where everything is different. I know that when I thought about the idea of studying in a different country my parents were not pleased at all. It took me a while to convince them of the benefits that I thought would be brought from the experience of studying abroad. …