Cork is a city full of charm, energy and culture and has UCC at its heart. Cork is a hub for vibrant IT companies such as Apple, Dell, & IBM.

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What does Cork in Ireland have to offer?

Cork is a city full of charm, energy and culture and has UCC at its heart. According the Corkonians, it is the REAL CAPITAL of Ireland; it has all that larger cities have to offer but is more relaxed, safer and less expensive.

Cork is a hub for vibrant IT companies such as Apple, Dell, EMC, and IBM.

it@cork, European Tech Cluster, …

When you study abroad you deserve to take breaks and enjoy your new surroundings. Preston did just that on his recent Mid-Term Break.

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Mid-Term Break Camping Trip

The mid-semester break is always one I look forward to. Around this time every year, the weekdays seem to get longer and longer, and the weekends seem to get shorter and shorter. It’s a dreaded, but inevitable feeling of being three-quarters of the way through the school year- so close, but still so far. I think that’s what makes the September mid-semester break the most rewarding. It’s a great chance to freshen up and get a quick break away from coursework before the final exams right around the corner! …

Check out our new Blog series where we will answer Frequently Asked Questions every Friday! Find out more about studying overseas!

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We’re going to do a Friday Blog every Friday until the end of the year, because we have just that many questions to answer!!!

Lets kick this series off with a few of the more common questions that we get from students.


Got more questions about courses, university transfers, fees and the application process? See if they are answered here. Or get in touch!


“KOM Consultants irons formalities out,

A lot happens in the first month of studying abroad, and Amelia's experience has been no different! Check out her latest blog here!

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Over A Month Already?

I’m really enjoying my time here in England. I still can’t really explain how I feel. Sometimes I’m still confused as to where I am when I wake up, but when I walk around town I feel like I’ve been here forever, even though I’ve only been here for about five weeks.

University life here is great! I don’t know if it’s because it’s just the first year, and I’ve done University before, …

Janine is studying Business at Griffith University and the program brought her all the way to Hong Kong to study for four weeks. How cool!

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What a couple months it has been! Let me tell you, I thought I was lucky to just study in Australia but turns out, I got an opportunity to study in Hong Kong as well. I studied abroad, to study abroad again. I clocked up my frequent flier miles, that’s for sure!

I prefer the cold, being Canadian and all so it was a little bit saddening to leave Brisbane during its winter…(Northern Australian winter is like Calgary spring temperatures). …

Preston is taking advantage of studying overseas and making sure he visits as many places as he can during his time in Australia. Melbourne

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One of the best things about Adelaide is its location and proximity to other major Australian cities. With flights to Melbourne only one hour, two hours to Sydney and Brisbane, and three and a half hours to Perth, a weekend getaway is a short flight away. This past weekend, Melbourne was my destination of choice for a brief weekend escape, accompanied by my girlfriend, who was visiting from Canada.


Like every student, Janine had certain expectations of her year of studying in Australia, find out did the reality match up?

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Expectation #1: GPA will remain the same.


Reality: While not everyone will be affected by a GPA drop the majority of study abroad students will see a change. This could be due to various circumstances like language barrier, change of education style, and stress of being in an unfamiliar country.


Solution: Don’t neglect your study! Ask for help whenever you need it. Universities are very approachable and provide students lots of support and resources. …

Amelia is one of our lovely KOM Bloggers and is about to set off to study and live in the UK. Read Amelia's first blog here

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KOM Consultants would like to introduce you to anther one of our bloggers, Amelia, and this is her first blog!

As she is set to pack up her life and move to the UK, Amelia decides to explore her hometown one last time and take it all in :)

We’ll hear more from Amelia throughout the year as she studies at the University of Gloucestershire

When I thought about applying to school abroad, …

Janine Cezar is back with another brilliant blog, telling us 5 things you will learn from studying abroad. It's not all just about studying!

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Below are just a few lessons you may learn on your journey abroad Hopefully, the list below helps you prepare yourself before you leave home. Seriously, make sure you get a good fill of Timbit’s and inhale as much of Canada before you leave!


  1. You discover new qualities and gain a better understanding of yourself.


When I first came to Australia I thought I was so sure of myself and my capabilities. …

Steve Lynch from Griffith University explains about the things you're not told about when moving to Australia! Read his blog here!

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Australia: The things people don’t tell you…


I love Canada. It’s something that everyone of us Canadians has probably thought at one time or another and even said. No matter where I go or what I do, Canada will always be my home, and I will always be proud to say it, then promptly apologize incase I offended anyone eh! Kidding aside, I love the frozen tundra and the lush forests, …