Not only is Bangor University an amazing pace to study, it's cost of living for international students is quite low. find out just how low

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Estimated Costs Of Living For International Students at Bangor University

Tuition and Campus Accommodation costs are available from the relevant University department and are set well in advance of students coming to Bangor. For general living costs such as food, books, clothing for example, it is difficult to provide an exact figure as all students are different. However, the University estimates that living costs would range from a minimum of £5,500 for an undergraduate student attending a 9 month course, …

Read all about the business school at Bangor University

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On a recent trip to Bangor, I got to tour the University and learn a lot about a few of the schools within the University. Here’s some interesting points on the ; (I’ve kept it to bullet points to avoid rambling on????)

  • It’s the No 1 business school in the UK, in terms of banking, accounting and finance.
  • Offers programs such as;
KOM Consultants Photo Blog on Bangor University in the UK

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Bangor University invited KOM Consultants over the week before last for a 5 day agent workshop where we got to meet faculty members and a lot of international students,  and tour the campus and surrounding area. It was a great week that made me want to go back to University! I will be posting various blogs about Bangor on their different programs, living costs, scholarships, facilities …… all that good stuff but because it’s Monday, …