UK Application Deadline Fast Approaching

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A friendly reminder UCAS (Universities Central Council on Admissions) deadlines are fast approaching

Students looking to apply for undergraduate degrees in the UK at University of Dundee or Bournemouth University must submit their application via UCAS no later than June 30th at 6pm UK time. KOM Consultants are an official UCAS agent for Dundee and Bournemouth.

  • University of Dundee (Scotland)
  • Bournemouth University (England)

Contact our office today for full application procedures 1 877 318 8203. …

Canadian Education student introduces Griffith campus

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Teacher Education at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia has always been a popular program with Canadian students.  KOM has sent thousands of students to Griffith for Teacher training.  

Students not only come back to Canada with a teaching qualification, but an experience of a lifetime.

Lyn Eusden came to KOM with a dream of becoming a teacher.  Lyn decided on Griffith and travelled to Australia to study education at Griffith University.  …