Study Abroad at IT Sligo: Questions, Answers And Lessons Learned

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Thinking about studying abroad but have a million questions racing through your mind? Already applied, been accepted and now thinking “what next”? Kristen, an IT Sligo and Canadian Ambassador, can relate. Check our her never-ending list of things she has learned in during her study abroad experience… 


Travelling to Ireland from Ontario, Canada?

The best non-stop flight for me was Toronto to Dublin with Aer Lingus. Great prices, great flight times and slightly above average leg room! …

Blunt Study Abroad Tips for Students

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Study Abroad Tips

I came across this video of “Ten Very Blunt Study Abroad Tips” and laughed my socks off!

Yes, you need to watch this. Yes, they are blunt, and yes, they’re all true!

Listen up people, they know what they’re talking about! 

The video came from a clever and witty duo called Damon and Jo. Check out their other helpful and hilarious video’s on their YouTube channel!

So you want to study abroad now do ya?! …

Things To Do In Ireland

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For anyone thinking of studying in Ireland, ahem, we are now working with some great Irish schools if you don’t already know! Click here to see where you can transfer to in Ireland through KOM Consultants.

What does Ireland have that the rest of the world doesn’t? Well, there’s the literary legacy of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and W.B. Yeats; traditional sports such as hurling and Gaelic football; the smooth beverages of Guinness and Irish whiskey; …