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The Best Coffee Spots Around IT Carlow

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The Best Coffee Spots Around IT CarlowIs there anything more important to a student than coffee? Alexis Kilroy, our Canadian and IT Carlow Ambassador gives us the lowdown on the best spots to get caffeinated in Carlow…

Coffee is a pivotal component in most students lives and is something that I have had in my morning routine for the past five years, so needless to say when traveling to Ireland I was overjoyed with the fact that there was amazing coffee being served right in my little town of Carlow!

To give you a little background coffee is actually a growing phenomenon in Ireland in general, and in fact is taking over the loyal tea drinkers of Barry’s and Lyons (which is a staple of Irish culture). Ireland (Dublin) in 2016 was also the host of the World of Coffee Conference, which is an event that is attended by baristas and coffee enthusiasts from over 100 nations.

Also when coming to Ireland and to my school of IT Carlow I was delighted in the fact that there was a thing called “Tea Time” or in my case “Coffee Time”. This meant that every day at 11am the whole school had a 15min break to enjoy your favourite beverage, which was the perfect time for a caffeine pick me up! Now even though my own school at IT Carlow has a nice little Starbucks coffee shop, in this blog I am going to highlight some of all-time favourite cafes in Carlow that have AMAZING coffee!

As an international student it is definitely a MUST to go out and adventure around town and find those little gems of cafes that are scattered through your town centre. So here’s the inside scoop on what cafes are the best to go to…

Brooks Café

Brooks in located dead centre of town in a building called the Dinn Ri Hotel and has a secret underground tunnel to get to the Brooks Café. It has classy atmosphere from the chandeliers all the way down to the beautiful candle lanterns on the tables. It has always been a place where I could grab a cappuccino and do some homework for the afternoon. I always get the cappuccino here and they give just right amount of chocolate dusting on top of it which makes it taste all that much better. The great thing about Brooks Café is that they are open the earliest and latest and even are open on a Sunday at 8am (which is a rarity in Carlow) so if you are in desperate need of caffeine it’s definitely he place to go in a pinch.

Cibo Café

Cibo is one of my local favourites, it’s owned by an Italian family and is heavily influenced by its Italian culture (meaning great coffee & yummy food). The café itself is very homey and gives you an immediate sense of comfort when entering their front doors. Personally this is my top spot for coffee as they give you a giant cup of coffee or cappuccino (my personal fav) and always comes with a nice little smiley face of chocolate dusting on top. It is located again in the town centre and is always bustling with locals enjoying their food (especially pizza) which can always been seen through their huge store front windows, enticing you to come in a try a cup of joe.

Neighborhood Espresso

Neighborhood Espresso was a late discovery for me in Carlow but not one to miss! This café is really just like the name is represents and give you the feeling like you are really a part of the Carlow community. This is one of my top choices because of the service and coffee, the second you enter the café the owner Brian will immediate welcome you and makes you feel as you have known him for years, which when travelling abroad for school is a really nice feeling. On top of great service the coffee is top notch, they actually import differently coffee beans weekly so you get a chance to try coffee beans from different places around the world. This is also a great place to go with a group of people as they have bench seating for larger groups!

Bake Café

Last but definitely not least is Bake Café! My first discovery in Carlow, and one that is close to my heart. Again this café’s staff is absolutely amazing and they will remember your name from the first time you enter their doors. And for my non coffee lovers this is actually my favourite spot for hot chocolate! Not only does it serve the best hot chocolate but if you have a sweet tooth then this place is for you, they are daily baking mouthwatering baked goods and is an award winning café for food and service. This café also has a very appeasing décor and is the perfect place to go with a friend for coffee and lunch to catch up.

So these are my top picks for coffee in Carlow, but I can definitely say that it’s just not Carlow that has great coffee but all of Ireland is becoming a coffee nation! But if any future students are coming to IT Carlow don’t worry your coffee needs will be covered!

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