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Thinking about studying in Australia – here are reasons why life is better in Australia

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Reasons Life Is Better In Australia

Posted today through the Huffington Post, here are some great reasons why life is better in Australia.  Consider studying abroad in Australia!!!

The Land Down Under is richer in flora, fauna, and attractive Oscar-nominated males. But those are just a few of the many reasons why, as far as we’re concerned, the Aussies have it better.

So here are a couple reasons why. 

Australians have swimming pools in their oceans.

People in Australia really know coffee. Starbucks tried to invade the scene a few years ago, but Aussies didn’t break from their mom-and-pop roasteries. Starbucks was forced to close 61 of its 87 Australian stores.

Two words: Gold. Coast.

Precious, just-born, infant turtles crawl into the Australian sea from January until March. And there are turtle guides who will help you find and say hi to them.

 The minimum wage in Australia is $16.88. SIXTEEN DOLLARS AND EIGHTY-EIGHT CENTS! In America, minimum wage ranges by state from $5.15 (Georgia) to $9.19 (Washington).
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 Australia’s capital city threw itself a birthday party. And gave everybody the day off work. And put on free concerts. And set up the world’s longest champagne bar with hundreds of bottles of champagne. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!
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To get the full list of 23 reasons, check out the post:

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