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Top Tips For Settling In To Your Home Away From Home At Waterford Institute Of Technology

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Top Tips For Settling In To Your Home Away From Home At Waterford Institute Of TechnologyLooking for some ideas to help you settle into your new life? Take a look at the advice we’re offering to first year students following their big move

It has arrived. You’re finally a college student and you’ve survived your first week.  Before you know it, it will be Christmas and you’ll be facing into your first third level exams.

Getting used to a new city can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time away from home. Don’t worry, you’ll settle in soon. Take a look at our top tips for settling in to help you ease your way into college life.

Get involved

The clubs and societies at Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) were out in their droves on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 to recruit you as a member for one of their 60 clubs & societies. WIT has a club or society for everyone and anyone with all kinds of interests. We have everything from hurling and Gaelic football to the drama society and the skydiving society.

Signing up to be a member of a club or society is a great way of widening your social circle. Sure, you’ll make friends in your class but by joining a club or society you get to hang out with people who have similar interests. It’s not too late to sign up, if you missed the day or didn’t know what to join at the time, call over to the clubs & societies office and they’ll help you get signed up!

Time to explore

Now that you’ve figured out exactly where your classes are and where the best place to watch Home and Away at lunch time is, (it’s the Dome, by the way) you need to start getting to know Waterford. Waterford is Ireland’s oldest city and was founded by the Vikings. Waterford city has a lot to offer with regards to sight-seeing, night life and shopping, so make yourself familiar with it. You’re going to be living there for the next three or four years after all.

Stay the weekends

Although it’s natural to want to go home at the weekend, sometimes the best way to settle in, is to stay in Waterford every other weekend.

This will give you more time to become more comfortable with the city as you won’t be busy in college. It will help you adjust and see what the city is like on the weekends, what the nightlife is like and it will help you make Waterford a home away from home.

The weekends are for fun

If you travel home every weekend you may have a long journey ahead of you. Many students get buses and can be travelling for hours. Do you really want to spend your weekend on a bus? Of course you don’t. There’s plenty that you can do in Waterford at the weekends that will make you feel at home and have lots of fun. There are lots of late bars you might like to try instead of your usual weekday haunt. Why not invite your friends down for a Friday or Saturday night? What about showing them your favourite spots, such as the Kingfisher walkway, or get a bus out to Tramore for the day? This will help you build a connection with the city as you are associating it with home.

If you give a few of these a go, it should make your experience a lot easier and after a while, you may not want to go home!


Budgeting is one of the most important things a student can learn while at college. Firstly, sit down and figure out how much you have at your disposal. This may mean making a list of what you earn or how much money you receive from your grant. To avoid any end of month panic, put aside a weekly allowance that you are comfortable in spending.

We often spend money without realising it, such as the number of coffees we might buy in the week at the local petrol station on the way to college. Invest in a travel mug and purchase the necessities to go with it, milk, a jar of coffee and some sugar. You could see yourself making some massive savings from cutting back on those luxury items like the take away coffee.

Many people are under the impression it’s expensive to eat healthy. That couldn’t be further from the truth, if you’re clever about it. A good varied shop for the week could set you back between €20 and €40. This all comes down to where you shop and if you are clever with your money. Search online for some healthy student meals and you’ll be a healthy, money savvy chef in no time.

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